Hillyard Leagues

The Roxie Spokane proudly presents a variety of different leagues, suitable to players of every experience level. If you are interested in pool, darts, shuffleboard, or even virtual golfing, we are sure to have a league just for you. Whether it is your first time playing or you are a serious competitor, The Roxie has you covered.

Hillyard IEDA Dart League

Coordinated by The Roxie, six bars in Hillyard came together to form the Hillyard Inland Empire Dart Association League. With a variety of options and locations, this sport provides hours of fun! Beginners are welcome!

Hillyard Golf Club

The Roxie has acquired a top of the line golf simulator, perfect for golfing year round. Keep your golfing skills polished throughout the year by joining our Hillyard Golf Club!

Hillyard Shuffleboard League

Spokane is a little short on Shuffleboard tables. Not to worry, The Roxie's pub, The Northern Rail has a beautiful table. Come see us to play!

Hillyard Pool League

The Roxie's pub, The Northern Rail, offers pool leagues through both Apple and American Poolplayers Association (APA).